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Thank you for stopping by.

I'm Lauren, a makeup artist and facialist based in Meanwood, Leeds. 

Working with real women, mixing my wealth of experience with my friendly and caring nature, you will always feel like you're at home when you visit my studio - 'You', but on a good day! 

Born out of a love for skincare and makeup, I started my business over 15 years ago. 
It's always been my aim to help women feel the best versions of themselves. 

You may be a bride looking for a makeup and hair artist to give you that extra touch of 'glow' on your big day, or you may be looking for a facialist and skincare expert who has a wealth of experience.  


From the minute I know makeup existed, I was wearing it - however, my obsession for makeup didn't just stop at knowing my MAC from my Dior - I have always been just as passionate about skin and skincare - and it therefore made absolute sense for me to evolve my business.

This means that not only can I apply the makeup, I can also treat the skin, lashes and brows - so that you can wear less - and what you wear looks even better!





After years of research, I am proud to recommend 2 incredible skincare brands to my clients. These are brands that I personally use, love and trust.

Medi+ from Million Dollar Skincare and the incredible British Vegan brand Tropic.

The Medi+ range is designed to compliment, maintain and enhance your Million Dollar Facial results. It can also be used in preparation and in between your professional treatments. Medi+ is cosmeceutical grade and results driven with clinically proven active ingredients. 

Tropic is an award-winning range of over 150 products spanning skincare, hair care, body care and makeup.  The brand strives to be leaders in green beauty innovation and have a positive impact on everything they do, within the beauty industry and beyond.

FAQ Anchor
  • Where is your studio based and where are the bridal trials held?
    My studio is in North Leeds (LS6) and this is where I hold all my trials. This private studio space is perfectly set-up to provide you with some time-out from the world.
  • What can I expect from a wedding trial?
    In advance of your trial I will ask you to send me images of the kind of hair styles you may be wanting - this gives me a good idea of what will be needed on the day - it also helps me to ask any questions in advance. With makeup, I always ask for my brides to come to their trial with their makeup already 'done' - this gives me a really good insight into how you like to wear your makeup normally/for a special occasion - I really do want to create the best version of 'you', and find this method really does help.
  • What makeup brands do you use?
    After working as a makeup artist for over 15 years, I have built-up what I consider to be the most incredible kit of premium skincare and makeup brands. I only use products and brands that I have extensively used and researched and my in-depth knowledge of skin and facial structure means that I'm only ever using the exact right product for each person.
  • What is HD Brows?
    I think its safe to say I'm absolutely OBSESSED with brows! HD Brows is the most incredible regrowth and reshaping treatment. Over a number of appointments I help clients create the best brows they've ever had - that's why I have had loyal brow clients who have been coming to me every month for over 4 years! You can expect your brows to be Tinted, Waxed, Threaded, Plucked and finally makeup is applied - this really is the creme-de-la-creme of brow treatments!
  • What brand of lash lift do you use?
    I am a brand-obsessive - and so after years of research I finally settled on Nouveau lashes. Having a lash lift isn't just about the instant results you get, its also about the condition of your lashes between appointments. Nouveau Lash products are designed with lash health in mind - so not only do you get amazing results on the day, you can guarantee your lashes will be in very safe hands.
  • What Skincare do you use on yourself?
    After suffering with my own skin for a number of years I have to be so careful what I use on my skin - not only the skincare but the makeup as well. That's why you can trust that every single product I use on you - I have extensively tested it on myself before I even think about using it on clients. So Tropic and Medi+ are my current personal favourites, and that's why I use them on my clients.
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