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Navigating the makeup counters can be daunting - even as a makeup artist I can often feel overwhelmed with the choice on offer.


Makeup lessons are the ideal solution for someone who might have lost their way a little, or someone who feels stuck in a rut.

I believe every client is unique, each lesson is tailored to suit your requirements.

In advance of our session I will ask you to think about what you would like to get out of your time together, and what you are specifically wanting to learn.  


During your 2 hour session with me you can expect learn whatever it is that you're burning to know - see it more like a 'an audience with' where you have your own personal make-up-artist to ask whatever it is that you've always wanted to know and learn,  but been too afraid to ask! 


Quite often people bring their own makeup bags (and any other little bits you've bought over the years but don't know how to use!) and I will go through and use what you have to create a beautiful and bespoke 'go-to' look - it might be something you've never tried before, something that takes you out of your comfort-zone, or it might be that what you are doing is lovely already, and you just need a few little 'hints and tips' to give you that confidence.

Some regularly requested questions are - What colours work for you.  Learning about your face shape and how to change this with subtle contouring.  How to create that fabulous 'smokey eye'.  The perfect 'feline' flick.  Does red suit me?! 

At the end of the session, you should walk away with a huge list of recommendations, and the knowledge and confidence to put those new-found skills into practice. 


Total cost for 2 hour lesson £110

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